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Regular translations

These are translations which do not use specialised terminology and do not require to be authenticated by a sworn translator. Typically, these are texts meant for customers' own use, such as correspondence, commercial offers, CVs and bios, press releases and website content.

Specialty/dedicated translations

In addition to thorough language proficiency, translations of specialised texts require knowledge of various disciplines. Specialised texts can include all kinds of medical and pharmaceutical records, equipment manuals, technical specifications, patents, legal documents, as well as documents in the field of finance and economics.

Certified (sworn) translations

Documents to be submitted to government office or filed in court must be certified by a sworn translator. These are all kinds of documents required by the Office of Vital Statistics/Registrar Office (birth or marriage certificates), car documents, diplomas and certificates, notarial deeds, etc.


When dealing with foreign contractors, an interpreter is often indispensable. His/her help is invaluable during business talks, trade fairs, conferences and trade negotiations. Interpreting can be divided into:

Consecutive - an interpreter is located next to a speaker who pauses every few sentences to allow the interpreter to translate what is said.

Simultaneous - the interpreter is located in a special soundproof booth, simultaneously translating the speaker’s statements into the target language using a microphone.

Whispered - the translator is standing or sitting between the interlocutors and whispers in their ear, simultaneously translating the speech into the target language.

Certified interpreting - necessary wherever the presence of a sworn translator is required in order to certify the solemnisation of marriage, the signing of a notarial deed, the testimony in court, etc.


We have over 30 languages in our portfolio. These are both the most popular ones and the ones spoken by a smaller number of people. We offer translations to and from the following languages: